Monday, November 3, 2008

Which Twilighter Are You?

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Making Stides Against Breast Cancer

Don't mind the fat lady in these pictures, she just had to be in them to claim the kids. So I went with a couple of ladies that are in my ward last Saturday to be apart of the annual Strides Against Breast Cancer 5K in downtown Tampa. I look a little rough too, if you can't tell. I had to get up at 6 in the morning to get everyone ready for the day. And that's VERY early for this prego woman. What a great and fun experience I had. I've known a few very close people in my life that have been affected by Breast Cancer and I dedicated my walk to them. I love them dearly and wanted to let them know how much I appreciate them and all that they've done in life. They are amazing women and I pray that one day there will be a cure for this disease that effect so many other women around the world. I was able to take the kids with me and they had a blast riding in the pink parade! Owen did so well riding his bike the whole time and never ran into anyone. There were so many people that showed and walked for the cause, it was wonderful. I do have to say that one of my favorite parts was walking next to some women that were very out spoken whenever they saw a guy running by with his shirt off. I couldn't help but laugh.
Kate and Alex loved being pushed around the whole time with all the drinks, treats and toys they could fit inside the stroller with them. There were several groups of people scattered throughout the walk that would cheer for all the people and the kids thought that they had shown up just for them. It was so cute. This walk also got me a little excited to maybe try a marathon one day, when I'm not pregnant. And that will happen! Me not being pregnant again I mean. And we finished! I just want to say how grateful I am for my TA TAS and pray that all of you and being careful and checking yourself every month. Breast Cancer is spreading fast and starting at an earlier age these days and you can never be too careful. If you catch it at its earliest stage you have a 99% chance of overcoming this type of cancer. I love you all and please remember those who have been affected by this disease. Let them know that you love them and support them.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Our Tampa Bay Aquarium Visit

I know that I've been majorly slacking on my blog, so I've got a few new posts that I'll do over the next few days to try and catch up. At the end of September, REALLY SLACKING, I decided to take Owen out of school and take the kids to the aquarium in downtown Tampa. They had sooo much fun. We went with some friends who had passes to the MOSI Museum and they got us in for free!! Thanks again Britt! Here are a couple of pictures of Owen and Alex petting the Sting Rays. Kate didn't want to touch them because the water was too cold and they were slimey.

A lot of these animals we see everyday since we live in Florida, but there are a few that got the kids really excited.

So I'm not the greatest photographer, sorry about the flash in the window. Here are the kids standing in front of one of the large tanks.

I got hungry after seeing this one, I just needed some garlic butter to go with it.

Owen and Alex are feeling the different kinds of starfish that live in the ocean. They decided to name the pink one Patrick. Sound familiar?

Kate didn't want to touch them either, so she hid in the conch shells instead.

This one was my favorite. It's called the Dragon Seahorse.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Update on Baby #4

Okay, I'm finally going to let everyone know what is going on with my "unexpected" pregnancy. I'm finally at ease with it and am actually really excited. For some reason I can't not get pregnant even when I am on birth control and I was making sure that I took it everyday and on time. But the box does say that it's only 99% effective, I'm just one of those lucky woman that gets stuck in the 1% profile. The kids are getting excited, Owen keeps asking when the baby is going to come out of my tummy and wants to name it Speed Racer. Well, I'm just over 20 weeks now and I just had my ultrasound this past week. Tell me if you can tell what I'm having.

IT'S A GIRL!!!!!

I'm so excited, now Kate will have someone to play with that won't insist on playing cars,transformers, or superheros all the time. She's starting to really want to dress up and play with her babies and stuffed animals and the boys think that that is really boring. So 2 boys and 2 girls in the Wilde family. My due date is January 13, but I usually go a week or two early. Right after I told Brad what the due date was he asked me:

"Can't you try and deliver on the 31st of December"

I said "Why would I want to do that?"

He said "So that we can have a tax write off for the year of 2008."

I could have hit him, if I weren't on the phone with him. He's such a terd sometimes, but I still love him. Here are her two feet crossing each other. She really moves around alot, so I'm surprised that we got so many good pictures. Here are her two hands and you can see her little fingers! I'm so excited to have another little girl, Kate has been so different than the boys. It's really funny, because the boys try everything to be like Daddy like helping with all the power tools and fixing things around the house.And Kate is always trying to help me cook and take care of her babies. It's going to be so fun to have a big family, but we're definitely stopping at 4! My only problem now is trying to find another girl name. For some reason boy names are so much easier for me than girls, so if any of you have any names to throw my way, let me know!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Owen's First Day of Preschool

For those of you that don't live in Florida, the Florida State Government pays for a year of preschool before they enter kindergarten. And last year Owen missed going because his birthday is one month past the deadline. So this has been looked forward to for a very long time, both by him and Mommy. Owen is so smart and very impatient when it comes to learning. Nothing is ever enough for him, so he was getting quite bored at home playing "baby" games with Alex and Kate. His first day was on Monday and he goes from 12 to 3, Mon. thru Fri. He had so much fun playing with his new friends and learning from a new teacher. He got so upset that school was canceled on Tues. due to Tropical Storm Fay and then we didn't even receive a drop of rain and little wind. Anyway, we've started the long path of kids in school and it's a little weird for me. I didn't think that I was old enough to have kids in school yet. Well, here are some pictures that I got of Owen his first day and pictures of his new school. Walking through the doors of Knowledge.(WOW, was that cheesy or what?) He loved riding the bikes during recess.I can't tell if that kid is looking up that little girls skirt or not, but so help me if Owen ever did...
His classroom. They're class is called the White Tigers.The atmosphere that they have at the school is awesome and makes it fun for the kids to learn. This is one of the little reading hideaways that they have.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Alex's 3rd Birthday!

Alex's Birthday was August 11th and we decided to throw him a little birthday party with some of his friends. We BBQ'd, had the bubble machine going in the house(yes, I'm a crazy Mom, but in my defense they were Gymboree bubbles and they're sugar based so they don't make a huge mess and they last forever! It's a game we like to play and it lasts all day if you have the fans on in the house because they end up everywhere and the kids have a race to try and pop them all). We also had all the kids do some fireworks at the end and they all seemed to love that. It was so much fun to watch them all play around the house and have a blast! A lot of the pictures didn't turn out because the batteries in my camera were dying, but I did get a few.WE LOVE SPARKLER CANDLES THAT NEVER GO OUT! Is that mean? The kids seemed to love them. I eventually helped him blow out the candles. The wind was blowing so hard, it was hard to get the fireworks lit, but Brad finally got them all going. After the little firework show, we gave them all some sparklers. By the time that was done it was 9:30 and the kids were ready for BED!
All in all it was a great night and we wish Alex many more happy ones to come.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Owen's Soccer Banquet

Wow it's been a long time since I've done any blogging! Sorry about that. Well here is the rest of Owen's soccer games and his banquet at the end. He was soo excited that he got a trophy. "That means I did really good huh Mom!" he said. I smiled and gave him a high five, I'm so proud of him. He starts football the beginning of September and I can't tell who's more excited for that to start, Owen or Brad.Owen scored one goal and assisted in another his last game. He still talks about it.His favorite position was goalie. I think it was because he could pick up the ball and throw it as far as he could down the field.They had the cutest little cheer that they did at the beginning, middle and end of every game.
Kate would sweat like crazy and she wasn't even playing. But at least she would keep busy trying on everyone's sunglasses. These glasses belong to her Aunt Lauren who came to visit.Alex on the other hand didn't even want to watch, so he would go over to the sand box, strip down to almost nothing and throw sand on his head. He's my busy busy busy busy one. Did I mention that he was a busy boy?
Here's Owen receiving his trophy from one of his coaches.And here's his team with their trophies. GO PIRATES!

Sunday, June 29, 2008


We decided to steal the idea from Jared and Brittany and take the kids to their first Drive-In Movie. It was definitely an interesting experience. We took out all of the seats in the mini-van(yes, I have a mini-van. But only until my kids are out of car seats and then I'm getting an SUV) and made a huge bed in the back.
Going to the Drive-In Movies in Florida is a bit different than going in Utah like I remembered it. It's HOT and SWEATY and I can't tell you how many mosquitos there are here. So we had to drench the kids and ourselves in bug spray and we still got eaten alive. Brad got the comfy spot inside the car and I got to stay outside and chase the kids whenever they ran off. This is another reason why Brad doesn't take very many pictures, because he can't remember to put the camara into focus. Brad made it through MAYBE half of the first movie and then he was out! Owen actually made it through all of the first movie (Wall-E) and half of the second one (Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian).

We finally left during the middle of the second movie because even though it was 1:00 in the morning, Alex and Kate would NOT go to bed. All in all we won't go back until the winter time when it's cooler and there aren't any mosquitos.

North Captive Island

Last week was another busy one for our family. We got the oppotunity to go to one of the small islands off of North Captiva Island with some very close friends of ours. The Poirier's invited us to come and stay with them during their family vacation. They have always been so sweet to our family and we've been so grateful to have them in our lives. To give a short story of how we met them, they were the very first family that we met when we moved down to Florida. We drove in late on Valentine's day 2004 and it just so happens that it was also Daytona 500 weekend as well. So we drove in to town not knowing where anything was and the only hotel that we knew of was completely booked. Luckily I had gotten the Bishop's phone number before we left Utah and we called them to ask where there was another hotel around. Well, they said they knew of a great place to stay and they invited us to come over and stay with them. That made me feel SOOO uncomfortable, but Brad kept saying "It'll be fine, where else are we going to stay, in the car with our 3 month old baby?". So much to my dismay, we went over to their house. It just so happened that it was also one of their sons birthdays and they had family from out of town that was staying with them as well. But they welcomed us into their home with open arms and they've been family ever since. We love them to pieces and were excited to play for a few days at their beach house. I didn't get too many pictures and I'm sorry for that I totally regret it. But the kids had so much fun playing with Alexie(19), Mitchell(17), Max(16), and Cassie(14), my kids love them! So thanks to the Poirier's for the wonderful memories and the great friendship that we've created!!! We love and miss you guys. This is Max(at top), Owen and Mitchell(at bottom) playing dominoes. They played everyday with Owen and Owen loved every minute of it. They had a jacuzzi tub in the bathroom and the kids loved taking baths in it with all the bubbles. The kids were always at the front of the boat sucking in all the fresh air. We saw a lot of wild dolphin pods on our boat trips and some came right up to the boat. I was having too much fun to take any pictures of that (STUPID!) The kids got to sleep in the same room with all the big kids and it was a nightmare to get them to sleep for naps and at night. But all the playing and sun wore them down. Kate and Alex had so much fun playing with Bently, one of the Poirier's bulldogs.