Saturday, May 10, 2008

Our First Trip to the ER

I knew that it was bound to happen sooner or later, but to my surprise it happened to the one I least expected. KATE! Like Mother like Daughter. For those who know how accident prone I am I certainly hope that she doesn't fall in her Mother's footsteps. Well, I was having a business meeting over at a friends house and I had all the kids with me as usual. They were trying to find things to keep them busy and of course the couch is always enticing to run and jump on. So the three of them were chasing each other, even after I warned them to stop, and Kate started to jump up and down against the back. Well the couch was up against the window and had a marble window sill. Needless to say she bobbed her head and split her nose open from side to side. She screamed for a minute and then she was fine. Acting like nothing happened.
I knew that it needed stitches so I took her in to the ER and waited. Kate was such a trooper. We were there for almost 5 hours and she laughed and jumped around the entire time. The doctors kept coming in and telling me that the ER wasn't suppposed to sound so happy and they loved to play with Kate. I'd say that I'm pretty used to being around things of this nature and that it really doesn't bother me, but watching them stitch her up my heart just ached for her as she screamed. They used a numbing gel instead of a local anesthetic and it obviously didn't work. So after they did 4 stitches they decided that the gel wasn't working good enough and give her a local. I could have yelled at them, but didn't. Finally, 6 stitches later we went home from a long exhausting day. The boys felt so bad for Kate and were soo careful with her for the rest of the day. That didn't last very long!

Camping at the Beach

We finally went camping at the beach as a family! Our Ward did a family campout at Fort De Soto Beach and we had so much fun. We even brought Daisy, our dog, with us so she wouldn't be by herself all night long. She's part hound so the smells of the campsite were driving her crazy! The kids of course love every minute of it. It only took Alex and Kate about 5 minutes after we arrived to get soaking wet, so they had to play in their pajamas for the rest of the night. Owen went off and played hide and seek with the older kids and their flashlights. Sleeping is always a challenge when it comes to trying to settle the kids down to go to sleep and they're right next to each other. But Brad handled that pretty well. Notice that I don't have any pictures of the camping part of our trip and that's because of trying to keep track of the kids when running in 3 different directions!! Sorry, I'll do better next time.

The next day we went to the beach at Fort de Soto and we found out the this beach was the #1 beach in the U.S. in 2005. It was beautiful and the kids, like always, had a blast. Daisy learned how to swim and that was an interesting experience. We had to hike through a bit of water to get to the nicer part of the beach and Daisy just jumped right in after us. She started to drown at first, so Brad had to help her out. Then she tried it again and she was a pro! She had so much fun running and playing in the water. The boys made a pool on the beach and Kate lounged aroung enjoying the water and sun. It was such a relaxing day!

Visiting Friends in PSL

Okay, so I know that it's been a long time since I've updated my blog, SORRY! Things have been a bit crazy. We went back to Port Saint Lucie with Brad the end of April because he had a meeting to go to for work and we wanted to play with old friends. We had so much fun! We had dinner over at the Hindmans with the Haymores and Wolfes. The kids ran around like crazy and played Wii all night long, while the adults ran after them and got caught up with what's going on with one another.

The next day I took the kids to Chuck E Cheese. Which is always an exhausting experience for all of us, but the kids LOVE IT! Abby brought Caleb and Emma, Lara brought Kevin and Jason, and Alyssa brought Dallin and Jillie. It was a party! Chuck E Cheese himself even came out to greet us!