Monday, June 1, 2009

Another Update

In April we were able to enjoy my uncle and cousins coming to stay for a few days. My Aunt Karen and Uncle Dave are living in Holland and I don't get the chance to see them very often and my cousins are in New Jersey and Washington D.C. and I haven't seen them in 3 three years. So we got to spend Easter Sunday together. My Uncle Dave took Brad and I to Key West for the day in his airplane and we had a BLAST! As long as we've been in Florida, we still had never been. And what better way than to fly! My sweet friends Lindsay and Molly took the kids for us for the day and for that I THANK THEM TREMENDOUSLY! Dave and Brad doing the checklist for take-off.Enjoying the ride!
The pictures don't do the beautiful scenes any justice. The water was SO clear even from the air.Enjoying lunch and our Key Lime Pies. Hanging out on Easter SundayDave HAD to go to Siesta Key Beach(which is actually a GORGEOUS beach) except for the fact the is was lightning and thundering the entire time and we got stuck in a down pour! I guess we still gotta live right? Right!?! All in all I love it when family comes to visit. I can never get enough of it. So THANKS guys for coming! Karen you better come next time. And if anyone else has the urge to visit the Tampa area, you know that you'll always have a place to stay!