Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sorry it's been so long!

I no excuses this time. Just being lazy and ignoring my blog. So I'll do a brief catch up! We blessed Janie in February and had the Hindmans come and stay with us. It was a blast! 4 adults and nine kids all under one roof! Pure chaos and FUN! Abby held Janie the whole time and gave me a short break. And I think she needed a fix. She's so good with babies!
HAD to put this one of Tucker in here! We attempted to put all the kids together sleeping on 2 air mattresses, but slowing they all ended up in seperate bedrooms.Then we had Kelly and the boys come to visit in March. We had so much fun! We miss them terribly and the boys played together like they've never left each other. We were all pretty tired from staying up so late every night.