Thursday, January 29, 2009

I Have an Excuse!!

Okay, so I know that I haven't posted in what? 3 months? So I'm going to try and update briefly what's been going on in the Wilde Home. CRAZINESS! It's been very busy and very exciting. For Thanksgiving we had ALL of Brad's family come and stay with us for a Wilde Family Reunion. 20 people in our home for about a week and everyone had a blast! We had so much food left over from Thanksgiving dinner, it was a good thing that they stayed for that long. We went to Busch Gardens twice and to the beach. The weather was perfect, cool on the days we went to the park and nice when we went to the beach. The little cousins had so much fun playing together. They really have never had the chance to play together until now. The down part of living far away from family. It was so cute to watch them. I miss being around family and having that time together. The kids Thanksgiving morning watching cartoons. Burying Uncle Barry at Siesta Key Beach. The kids wrestling with Uncle Brent. Uncle Brent invented the "Butt Bazookas" which still have not vaded from my children's wrestling with Daddy. Thanks Brent!The original Wilde Children and spouses with Daddy and Renate Wilde. We went out to dinner without any children and it was so nice!!We wore the poor little things OUT!This was the best picture we could get with all the kids looking at the camera. I HATE taking pictures when I'm prego.Nightmare with this picture. Aftering having individual family pictures taken we tried to get one of everyone. It was HOT and the sun was in our eyes and the kids were CRANKY! I LOVE this one of Brad with Alex and Kate walking on the pier. At Busch Gardens, the boys are riding together and Kate was SOO upset that she didn't get to go.The Big Boys chowing down on the Thanksgiving appetizers. I forgot to take the slushy drink out of the freezer earlier to let it thaw in time for dinner. So I had Britt and Barry use my hair dryer to help out.


The Kemps said...

I'm so glad that you updated!!! I've been wondering what's been going on. When's this baby due? You look darling! You'll love having prego pictures later to look back at. Love you Niki!

The Grays said...

Well Well now we hear from you! You forgot to post one thing though....PICS OF THE BABY!!!!

Filetti Family said...

What? You actually let people in your room? LOL

I love all the beach pictures. One day we will get them done.

Wow, that was a LOT of people at your house. How did you survive, and pregnant? You truely are superwoman!!!

danielle said...

Did you have your baby?! I think you've had your four just as fast if not faster than we had our four. Good luck hanging on to your sanity!:) Can't wait to see pictures!

Brittany & Barry said...

Yes, you ARE a superwoman. It was a great time! I love looking at the pictures and still have the CD in my purse (the mustard yellow one :))!?!? You're the best, Nik!