Saturday, January 31, 2009

Christmas 2008

I'm still trying to catch up. The month of December was busy too, but fun. We had tons of parties and play time. Owen had his first School Christmas Program and loved it. He knew all the words to the songs and sang loud. I was a little disappointed though that his class was the only one that didn't sing Christmas songs. There were a couple of kids in his class that were atheist and their parents complained about the Christmas songs. I got really upset. Not all Christmas songs have to be religious, they can be fun winter songs too. ANNOYED! But Owen had fun none the less. We had an adult Christmas party at our house! It was so nice to be able to enjoy our friends without any distractions from our children. "I gotta go potty, I'm hungry, (or my favorites) they're hitting me, they're doing ..." I love my kids really, but it's nice to have an adult break from time to time. These are just a couple of pictures of us playing some games. We played guys against girls a few times and I'm ashamed to say that the girls lost miserably. We even cheated! I guess that's what we get. I got to put up my new Christmas tree this year too. Christmas is my absolute FAVORITE time of year and I love Christmas trees. I wasn't really thinking about height though when I bought it. I bought it when we lived in our old house that had vaulted ceilings of about 15ft. so I bought a 9ft. tree. Luckily our rental house has a high point, so that's where I had to stick it. It will definitely be a check point when we get our new house. My tree has to fit.Christmas morning, the kids got up early as usual and I only got up because they started to open them without us. So I rushed into the room to stop them and made them wait for Mommy and Daddy.
And of course Daddy ALWAYS crashes on the floor when all the presents are finished being opened, the kids are way too busy playing with their new toys and I'm off making Christmas breakfast.
I love Christmas and I love the feelings that it brings. I miss my family most this time of year especially my Mom. She always made it seem so special. I'm so grateful that I can share with my kids the true meaning of Christmas and create those special memories that I grew up with. The traditions kept always bring a tear to my eye and I hope that I can pass those traditions on to my kids.


Jake and Emily Hutchings Family said...

that's great and all, but haven't you had your baby yet?? i want to see pics and hear all about it!!!!!